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Land Tamer
3 Point Hitch and hydraulic attachments

A floating tractor! That is what the Land Tamer RAV becomes when it is outfitted with our 3 Point Hitch.

Never before has this option been available on an amphibious vehicle and never before has there been a tractor that floats in water. Our hydraulic lift 3 point hitch which includes a 40 hp, 540 rpm PTO (power take off) shaft, makes the Land Tamer a real workhorse.  Category two, 3 point hitch farm equipment attachment built by others will easily mount up to the Land Tamer

Examples of these attachments are a snow blade or snow blower, a 6’ mower deck, power generators, hydraulic lift attachments, post hole auger, hydraulic winch, backhoe and the list goes on and on.

This one feature epitomizes the versatility of the Land Tamer’s 4 vehicles in 1 concept.


Hydraulic Lift Cherry Picker Snow Blower on Land Tamer
rotary mower snow blade and 3 point hitch