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Land Tamer
Extended Track System
  Amphibious tracked utility vehicle The Land Tamer extended rubber track offers an advanced solution to all-terrain utility transport.

The extended rubber track installs onto existing Land Tamer 6x6 or 8x8 XHD models, it dramatically improves transport over swamp and increases cargo load capacity during amphibious operation.

Extended rubber track provides 6 inch lift on the leading edge of the utility vehicle. By extending the track further forward and higher, allows amphibious tracked vehicle to lift itself out of troublesome terrain,Tracked utility vehicle with cargo minimizing the chance of the hull coming in contact with the muskeg mat, or deep snow thereby making all-terrain travel much easier.

This option can be installed on any Land Tamer XHD models since 2010.

  • Designed for extreme muskeg, swamp and marsh
  • Improved departure angle on shore banks and mud pits
  • Hauling capacity 3000 lbs on land, 2500 lbs on water for 8x8
  • All wheel drive and easy on/off by pulling pin allows operation as a wheeled vehicle or tracked vehicle, saving wear and tear on the tracks when not needed. 
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extended track for 6x6
6x6 with extended track