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Land Tamer

Frequently Asked Questions about the Land Tamer

Q: How does the Land Tamer’s hydraulic gear drive system work?

A: The Land Tamer’s hydraulic gear drive system utilizes the proven benefits of a closed loop hydraulic drive system that is found in mobile and construction equipment applications worldwide such as skid steer loaders, etc.

Q: What is a close loop hydraulic drive system?

A: Closed loop system means that hydraulic oil flows from a pump to drive a motor and back to the pump completing the loop. Most closed loop drive systems utilize a variable flow displacement pump that flows to the drive motor. Nearly all the hydraulic oil flow from the pump drives the hydraulic motor in a closed loop system, but a small percentage of the hydraulic oil redirected through a cooler and back to the tank. The Land Tamer utilizes commercial grade pumps and motors, in which one pump drives the left motor and the other pump drives the right motor. The left drive motor delivers torque to the left side wheels through a mechanical gear drive system and the right motor drives the right wheels. Benefits: Proven reliability and availability!

Q: How is the torque delivered from the hydraulic drive motors to the wheels?

A: A pair of powerful hydraulic motors are connected to parallel reduction gearboxes which are coupled to a set of right angle gearboxes at each axle on each side of the vehicle. This parallel gearbox is coupled to a common drive shaft that supplies equal torque to all axles on each side of the vehicle. Benefits: This system allows maximum torque to all wheels no matter which tires have the most traction with the ground. Maximum torque from the engine and pumps can be delivered no matter how many wheels are off the ground as when crossing ditches or large obstacles! Virtually no maintenance or adjustments are required either!

Q: How does the operator drive the Land Tamer?

A: All driving functions, forward, reverse, right or left turns, are achieved with our unique proprietary single dual knob controller. Pushing the Dual knobs forward moves the vehicle forward. The farther you move the dual knobs forward the faster the vehicle goes. To travel in reverse, one pulls the dual knobs back and to turn left or right one simply twists the dual knobs accordingly to whatever degree of turn you desire. This system allows for zero turns in which one set of wheels rotates forward at the same time the other set of wheels rotate backward allowing for 360 degree on the spot turns. Benefits: The Land Tamer is very simple to drive. One hand is all that is needed to operate the vehicle and it frees up the other hand for work applications, like holding a weed spraying nozzle, or a fire spray nozzle, etc.!

Q: What is the 3 point hitch system and what can I use it for?

A: Our optional 3 Point Hitch turns the Land Tamer into a full fledged tractor and adds a whole new dimension of work applications never available before for an amphibious vehicle. To our knowledge, the Land Tamer is the only amphibious tractor manufactured in the world. The 3 Point Hitch allows the owner to attach to the front or rear of the Land Tamer any Category 1, 3 point hitch farm attachment. These may include, a snow blade or snow blower for winter use, or a rotary mower, post hole auger, lifting device, generator or just about any after market farm equipment available by any farm equipment manufacture rated as Category 1. This adds to the Land Tamer’s, 4 vehicles in 1 concept with it serving as boat, atv, snowmobile and a tractor. No other vehicle has this much versatility.