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Land Tamer
Mobile power for Air, Electrical, Hydraulic and Welding tools
Mobile Power for Land Tamer The HIPPO Multipower System provides multiple types of power enabling you to drive a variety of tools in even the most remote locations.  This convenient multipower system is coupled with the Land Tamer’s onboard hydraulic PTO eliminating the need for dedicated fuel and additional maintenance.

Power Specifics:
  • Air- Up to 80cfm
  • Electric - 5.2kw (standard)
  • Hydraulic - Two, 10gpm circuits
  • Welding - 240 amp (standard)

The HIPPO Multipower System provides a fiscally and environmentally responsible solution improving productivity, increasing job-site safety and minimizing the cost of operations and equipment.  The HIPPO allows you to take a variety of power to those “hard to reach” jobsites more quickly and to maintain a smaller equipment footprint while you are there.

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